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Site Information
Privacy Policy & Legal Notice
Please read our Privacy Policy and Legal Notice carefully before using this site.
Site Information

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 11, 2005


We, Toraya Confectionary Co., Ltd., Kogen Co., Ltd. (including TORAYA CAFÉ) and TORAYA FRANCE (collectively referred to as the "Toraya Group") consider it to be our social responsibility to properly handle information provided by our customers such as their names, addresses and other private information which can be used to identify specific individuals ("Personal Information"), and to protect Personal Information in accordance with the following:

1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information
Personal Information provided by our customers will not be used for any purposes other than the provision or introduction of products and services by the Toraya Group.

2. Collection of Personal Information
When we request customers to provide us with Personal Information, we will first explicitly advise them of the purpose of use set forth above and then collect Personal Information only to the extent necessary to achieve such purpose.

When customers register Personal Information with us by themselves, or when we provide services in response to their requests for our pamphlets, brochures or other information, we will ask customers for certain Private Information such as names, email addresses, dates of birth, which we will use to confirm the identity of customers ordering our products or requesting our services or to check their record of orders.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We will not disclose Personal Information to any third party other than our contractors, business partners or successors to business operation of Toraya Group, except where we are required to do so by law or for other justifiable reasons.
However, we may exchange Personal Information with our financial institutions, etc., in order to confirm the validity of credit cards for payments of purchase prices.

4. Custody of Personal Information
We appoint a chief privacy officer in charge of protecting Private Information at each of the department that handle Personal Information and endeavor to prevent leakage, disclosure or loss of Personal Information.

We encode information provided by customers with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on our website in order to protect Personal Information from risks such as loss, destruction or alteration.

5. Reference, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information
If a customer desires to refer to, correct, add to, or delete his or her Personal Information registered with us, the customer must notify the desire to the contact person of respective Toraya Group companies or the contact point shown on our website. Upon receipt of such notification, we will promptly respond to it as necessary within a reasonable scope.

6. We will be in compliance with the laws and regulations of Japan applicable to Personal Information and will keep reviewing and improving our handling of Personal Information stated above.

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Legal Notice

Last Updated: September 5, 2005


Contents and functions of the websites of Toraya Confectionary Co., Ltd. ("Toraya") and Toraya France are offered on the assumption that neither Toraya nor Toraya France is engaged in the business of offering professional advices or services to those who use the contents or functions so offered. The contents and functions of said websites are offered without any explicit or implied warranty including but not limited to any implied warranty for merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. They are offered strictly on an "as is" basis.

Please be advised that the data and other contents contained in, or the composition or the like of, said websites may be altered or discontinued without notice.

Neither Toraya nor Toraya France, or any officer, employee or contractor of either of them, shall have any liabilities, including but not limited to those for actual, direct, consequential, incidental, indirect, special and any other damage of any nature whatsoever, with respect to the information or materials offered through said websites.

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Privacy Policy & Legal Notice